You never know what a client will ask for, and I have to stay up for every challenge.
When SCD asked me to depict several species of #bacteria they add to their fermented brews, including #lactobacillus & #lactoccoccus I couldn't resist the idea to switch things up and paint something organic for a change.

SCD Probiotics saw an opportunity to catch the eyes from people riding the #kcstreetcar on Main street #kansascity. You can view the mural between Tom's Town distillery and Taps on Main and ponder your own #guthealth as you head out to drink. Haha

I designed and painted this mural over the last few months with the help of @thetimecollector1 and @evolution_816 on the logo. And @stetmedia on the documentation.
view from Main Street in the crossroads area of Kansas City
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