May 20th / Paragraph Gallery / Kansas City, Missouri
This recent show was a collaboration with Miguel Rodriguez.

Miguel provided all the 3-D sculptures and worked on the wall murals as well. He drove out from Vegas by himself in a Penske truck full of art. We spent about a week setting up the show and I think it turned out great.
Props to the Chartlotte Street Foundation for all their support in making this show happen.

Plenty of Action, No Control show poster.
Smoking Man / 36x36 inches / Inkjet canvas print
The Ascent / 36x36 inches / Inkjet canvas print

Flagrant Foul / 36x36 inches / Inkjet canvas print
Standees Remix / 36x36 inches / Inkjet canvas print
this piece wasn't in this show but is based off of the style in the show.
BBG Harrish / 24 x 18 inches / Inkjet canvas print
Angry Zebra City Collage / 18 x 24 inches / Screen-print ink over spray paint on paper.
This was one print out of a larger edition featured at the show.
[new link]Show flier animated by Neil Stuber
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