Title: CPC Mural
Location: 2940 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108
Designed and painted by Sike Style Industries
Using the color palette and cues from the interior design and branding guidelines, Sike Style Industries created a modern cityscape with the theme of connectivity. "With this mural, our goal is to bring a community-facing, uplifting visual to bring hope, awareness, and empowerment through the connection of CPC's vision and mission."

photos by Stet Media

Overview about the mural design elements:
• color palette directly inspired by CPC branding from Trozzolo and interior design by Generator Studio.
• sun from the CPC logo rises over the cityscape -- a new day begins with positive light.
• "KC" reinforces City pride and community, with buildings representing residential, urban and rural.
• hands coming together, signifies helping and lifting up.
• shard elements are inspired by terrazzo tile and wallpaper interior design elements.
• rounded window shapes inspired by interior tile.
• portal/archway elements metaphorically lead to safe havens and the next stages in life, inspired by the interior design entryways and reading nook.
• a bird taking flight into the sky represents free spirits and soaring above.
• the hand with megaphone symbolizes amplifying voices of youth, speaking up and being heard.
Interior spaces designed by Generator Studio. 
To learn more about the Child Protection Center and their services visit https://cpckc.org
To learn more about MidtownKC Now's Main Street District Façade Grant Program, visit https://midtownkcnow.org/mscid/
Thank you to our collaborators and KC organizations for making this project possible.
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