Part 2 of Break Free Kansas City's Rocket Grant project was a March 2020 First Friday gallery show collaboration with SugEasy featuring video, photos and custom artwork by Sike Style created from the Part 1 live event on First Friday Aug 2019. 

The live event featured dancers covered in paint breakdancing on a large canvas to create abstract art through movement. Sike cut up the canvas to create one-of-a-kind mini banners and framed artwork that were displayed with % of proceeds of sales to benefit Break Free Kansas City Hop Hip School.
A word about the vision:
With this project we will "Learn about different genres of art and show how one form of art can inform and even create another. Together we will teach, learn and see the positive reinforcement of Hip Hop culture, instead of how the media shows hip hop to be negative. We strive to destroy stereotypes and build bridges together."

A Special Thanks to:
James "SugEasy" Singleton, @SugEasy
Phil Shafer "Sike Style"  @sikestyle
JT Daniels, @jtdaniels_art
Donald "Scribe" Ross, @scribeswalk
Ray Brown "Reckless Ray"  @recklessray.sos
Windy Farr "Bgirl Winderella" @mexicanaundercover
JocMax @JocMax
The City Market
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