A new Angry Zebra mural has been revealed in the Crossroad Arts District of Kansas City -- located on the rooftop of Boulevard Tavern, near the NE corner of SW Blvd and Broadway. This new mural replaces the old Angry Zebra that was painted over in the spring of 2017, to make room for a new Kansas City Royals mural.

This new, more anatomically correct zebra, is less angry and more colorful, thanks to the artwork of Ben Watson aka YEARS @evolution_816 The collaboration with my design style of background, along with Watson's painting technique on the zebra, created a striking piece that took about 6 days to complete, in an unusually warm week in December 2017.

Commissioned by Colliers International.
Additional props to Mike Judd for the assistance and Caleb Sommerville, Stet Media for the photo documentation.

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