RM West Mural
Office mural for Centric
KC Urban Youth Academy
Office mural for Teach for America KC
Culture Yard Mural in Trenchtown Jamaica
Raised Royal Mural
Angry Zebra 2.0
Columbus Park Loft Mural
Avila University Mural
Community Christian Church Mural
Dance Fit Flow
Fountain City Fintech mural
Veriship Office mural
Mural for Two Light Apartments in KC
Clyde n Co law office mural
Summit Trail Middle School Mural
Paletarias Tropicana at KUMed
Tito's mural at John's Big Deck
Pathfinder Health Solutions office mural
City Gym hallway
City Gym spin class room
City Gym KC Downtown Garage
Ruby Jean's Springfield
Ruby Jean's Juicery 1111 Main
Plaza Academy Mural
City Year MLK day of service at Northeast High KCMO2018
ATCQ mural at Josey Records KC
Emergent Arts mural in Hot Springs Arkansas
Valorem Seattle office mural
Tito's Vodka Mural
Habit Mural 2016
Team Construction office mural
Nashua "Cool Star" Mural
Central Academy Mural
Google FIber box wraps
Zipcar parking spots in KC
Convergence group show at Mattie Rhodes
1625 Oak
Selected painting examples
Painting for Techweek KC 2016
KCMO door at the Bunker
Antioch Spartan KC mural
Schlitterbahn murals
Live event painting
Middle of the Map mural 2016
Guilded Vine Design door
Royals Champion logos
8183 Studio mural
Pabst Blue Ribbon art party
MO Bank Billboards
Qdoba Mural - Kansas City, MO
Royals Mural
Middle of the Map Fest mural 2015
Two Tone Press door
Josey Records Mural
Ruby Jean's Juicery
Alzheimer's Mural on Troost
Rise Mural
Farmland Bacon Mural
MOD / KC Design Week photo boxes
Kansas City North community center mural
Mini Mandela quote mural
Maya Yoga pillar paintings
Read Between the Lines
Sewanee eye of the tiger mural
Valorem Mural 2015
Valorem office mural
Angry Zebra Mural
Racket Mural
Middle of the Map Fest mural 2014
Contemporary Reflections
FIST Mural
Wilma's trailer part 2
Wilma's Food Trailer
Volker South planter boxes
Garage Door Skull
Custom Mini Munnys
The Future is what you make it
Racket Booth May 2010
Red White and Black series
Logos and Icons
Vector Abstraction
The Future ain't what it used to be
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