Ces Cru Merch 2013

Merch for the rap group Ces Cru

My homies CES CRU, a rap group based in Kansas City MO were signed to Strange Music this year. Since i helpfed develop their brand identity as a group before they got signed, I was able to continue working for them with Strange Music. Here are designs from merchandise that was sold on the two tours CES CRU was a part of in 2013. Be sure to check them out at www.cescru.com
Hustle n Meditate hoodie fall 2013
strange hop for fall 2013
Jersey style tee for fall 2013
Splatter letters for fall 2013
Wavy girls tee design for Fall 2013
Ces Bubble letter for the girls tee Spring 2013
All seeing eye of industry for spring 2013
Chain circle logo for spring of 2013
Chain stack tee fall 2013
Spring 2013 Bananda by Laedan Galicia
Fall 2013 Bandana
13 unused design v. 1
13 unused design v. 2
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